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In 2016, I went to our first festival outside of the UK  and, I’ve finally had a chance to go through the hundreds of photos that I took during the week.

Boom Festival is a biennial psychedelic music and arts festival in Portugal. It usually takes place during the full moon at the end of July or early August.

I was incredibly lucky to be at this festival with a wonderful group of friends. If you’ve never been before then hopefully you’ll be tempted after this post.

These are my favourite photos from the festival.

Lake Idanha-a-Nova provides a beautiful setting for the festival

Boom Festival Daytime collage
The beautiful setting of Boom Festival 2016, with Lake Idanha-a-Nova as its backdrop

After some glorious sunsets…

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Boom Festival Portugal Sunsets
Every day we had an absolute treat with these beautiful sunsets over Lake Idanha-a-Nova

The psychedelic art, colours, and attention to detail were incredible

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Boom Festival psychedelic colours
Everywhere we turned, there was such colourful, beautiful, and thoughtful attention to detail, all around the Festival site

…Boom Festival was a completely different world at night

This festival is a 24-hour event, the music at the main stages goes on all night. Just wandering around after dark, the sights and sounds were just as immersive and so much more fun (and of course, easier to enjoy without the blistering heat!)

Boom Festival Portugal at Night

Boom Festival: Shamanism played a central role

Shamanism was the theme of the 2016 festival. This art installation was near the central plaza and main music stage and was a great meeting point.

Shamanism at Boom Festival 2016
Shamanism was a central theme of Boom Festival in 2016, this incredible art installation watched over everyone

Are you planning to go to Boom Festival? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below! Hope to see you all there!


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