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From 8th March 2020, all meetings will be held online using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams until further notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I’m based in South Wales, UK. I mostly work from my home office or from co-working spaces in Caerphilly, Cardiff & Pontypridd. 

Are you able to travel to deliver workshops?

Yes, I’m usually happy to travel around the UK for training and workshops! However, you need to be able to cover my travel expenses from South Wales and cover the cost of budget-friendly overnight accommodation (if required).

At the moment, it’s not possible to travel due to the pandemic.

What's your favourite colour?
Don’t ask silly questions!

Actually – I take that back. There’s no such thing as a silly question when you’re chatting to me, so feel free to ask me anything you like anything digital, business, SEO, WordPress or web-related!

My favourite colour is quite clearly purple.

Can you share the URLs of your passive income websites?

With the greatest respect, no. I can’t share the URLs, nor the keywords that I rely on to pay my bills and feed myself. 

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition in the affiliate marketing world. The general rule is that if you’ve struck gold with a keyword, it’s best practice to keep it to yourself.

However, I am launching a case study website to demonstrate to my readers how these sites get launched and how they grow. I will be sharing the URLs to these sites with my subscribers. If you’re interested to see how this goes, subscribe to my mailing list or follow me on Twitter.

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