Digital Support Services

Specialist in digital processes, marketing & admin tasks

For small businesses, freelancers, charities & bloggers

Need support with your digital processes?

Your business means everything to you, so don’t let yourself get bogged down with digital processes! I support small businesses, freelancers and charities to make the most of digital tools and run their businesses effectively.

My background is working in a busy technical environment in the Voluntary and Public Sector, and I’ve also been running my own small business for 3 years. I have the digital and technical expertise required to speed up your admin processes and support your business to grow.

I work from my own home office and co-working spaces. I use my own IT equipment, internet connection, desk, chair, keyboard and printer.

You don’t need to worry about me taking coffee breaks or calling in sick because you only pay for the time I actually spend working on your project or tasks.

How can I help?

Effective Digital Solutions
Finding the right digital solution for your business.
Process Automation
Save time by making use of the latest technology to automate certain elements of your business.
Website & Social Updates
Keeping content fresh and engaging for your visitors, using both automated scheduling and manual updates.
WordPress Maintenance
Keeping your WordPress Website healthy, secure and stable to serve your visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is your first step towards becoming more productive in your business.

Whether you need me for 2 hours every now and again, or you need regular weekly/monthly advice and support – I’m here!

I’ve built a network of websites that earn decent income by targeting under-served keywords.

These websites earn advertising revenue and affiliate sales commission, which enabled me to start my own business.

Here are some common questions I get asked about this!

Sarah Tamsin - Most helpful member award

About Me

I am a professional website designer, content creator, WordPress and Technical SEO specialist with extensive experience working alongside charities, freelancers, small businesses and Local Government.

I’ve spent over 15 years working on digital projects. During this time, I’ve also built my own network of successful income-generating websites and blogs from scratch using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

I’m here to share my expertise with you! Get in touch today to find out how I can help your small business thrive online and make the most of what digital tools and processes have to offer.

I provide specific support to small businesses and voluntary organisations using WordPress and SEO to grow their business. Get in touch today to see how we can work together!

I’ve created a tonne of useful digital marketing and website resources on my blog to help improve the digital presence of your business. Check them out!