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What can I help with?

Here is a selection of some technical WordPress tasks I can help with, if your problem isn’t listed here then get in touch!

Locked out of the WordPress dashboard
Lost your admin password and the reset email isn’t sending? Or have you been unscrupulously denied admin access by your designer or developer? Providing you have access to your hosting control panel, I can restore your admin access or create a new account for you.
WordPress stuck in “Maintenance Mode”
WordPress has a built-in feature that momentarily displays a notice to visitors if they happen to be on your site during a plugin/theme update. On very rare occasions, the update fails to complete and the notice remains on your site.
Error messages or warnings appearing in the dashboard
Are you seeing warnings or notices saying things like “deprecated function”? This could indicate that your site is hosted on a server running an older version of PHP, or a plugin on your site uses a function that’s no longer supported.
Plugin & theme issues
WordPress has tens of thousands of free and premium themes and plugins. These are great for growing and adding new features to your site, however some plugins are poorly coded or conflict with others.
Issues with .htaccess, robots.txt or ads.txt files
These important files may look unsubstantial, but they can break your site or severely affect your security, traffic and earnings if they’re not written correctly.
Website speed and performance issues
Slow websites are bad for everyone. They’re bad for you, bad for users, and Google HATES slow sites! We all hate slow sites! WordPress sites can become extremely slow if they’re left unchecked. I provide speed improvement services to help lower your frustration levels.
Redirects and Permalink issues
This is common if you’ve had multiple sites over many years, have recently moved hosts or deactivated plugins that were responsible for setting redirects or permalinks.
“There has been a critical error on your website”
Oh dear! This can mean a variety of different issues, usually related to a plugin or server misconfiguration. In the first instance, you should disable the plugin folder by renaming it, then enable each plugin one by one to determine which one is the culprit.
Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel installation and configuration
There are many different ways to approach this, either using Plugins or code, depending on your existing configuration and your analytics requirements for the future.
Headers already sent
This error is due to a misconfiguration in the code of your theme or one of your plugins. It could also be due to a rogue closing php tag.
Broken WordPress dashboard or front end
If your WordPress dashboard seems to be faulty and you’ve cleared your browser cache and tried on separate devices, there may be an issues with your WordPress installation. For errors on the front end, this may be due to a plugin or conflicting code.
WordPress “White Screen of Death”
For Windows, it’s blue, on a PlayStation, it’s a yellow light, on WordPress, it’s a rather boring blank White Screen. There are many different reasons for the white screen of death, such as server misconfigurations, malware or missing core files.
“Error Establishing Database Connection”
This warning is showing when WordPress is unable to communicate with its database. WordPress needs constant access to its database. This message indicates that your wp-config file is broken, the database credentials have changed, moved servers or there’s an issue with your host.
HTTPS Migration & Mixed Content Warnings
If your site is showing “insecure content” in the browser, then you may not have an SSL certificate, it could be misconfigured or some elements (usually images and videos) are loading over HTTP instead of HTTPS.
Domain name migrations
Bored of your domain and want a new one but unsure how to migrate your WordPress site without harming your SEO? Take a step back and leave the process in my capable hands, I have an extremely robust site migration plan that covers everything.
Customisations to Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg or other page builder styles
Page builders are great… until there’s something that you can’t do with the blocks and modules available. I can write custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make your pages look exactly the way you imagine them. I’ve worked with both Divi and Elementor for many years and familiar with the various quirks of each.
Warnings in the “Site Health” section of your dashboard
Since WordPress 4.7, under the “Tools” section of your dashboard is a handy new “Site Health” section that tells you which aspects of your WordPress environment are not optimally configured.
WordPress Malware removal
Signs of malware include content defacement, pages being redirected or performance issues. If a website is not well-maintained, there is a high risk of Malware.
WordPress Hosting & Migrations
Moving hosts can be a daunting task! Moving away from budget shared hosting providers can have a drastic improvement on your website’s spped, security and performance. Let me take care of this for you.
General one-off WordPress maintenance tasks
Secure WordPress Installs, configuring a child theme, website audits, and more!

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