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4 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Just a Blog

4 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Just a Blog

It's no secret that I earn a significant amount of my income passively through blog posts. That was the reason I was confidently and securely able to quit my job to pursue a freelance career as a content creator. But, it was not an overnight success and I put in a lot of time to reach the holy grail of truly passive income. All of my passive income is from blogging,...

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6 Ways to Make Digital Marketers & SEOs Want to Facepalm

6 Ways to Make Digital Marketers & SEOs Want to Facepalm

I've worked in various digital marketing roles across multiple projects, creating content and general SEO work for well over 10 years. This article highlights a few of the SEO facepalm moments I've had over the last decade! I've had some pretty strange requests over the years. Generally, someone will have heard a tidbit of advice without any context and ask their...

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Pinterest Marketing Basics for Businesses & Bloggers

Pinterest Marketing Basics for Businesses & Bloggers

If you want more traffic to your blog, website or ecommerce store without spending heaps of cash (who doesn't?!) then Pinterest could be the answer. The chances are, you've probably used Pinterest at some point in the past, perhaps you've used it to look at ideas for redecorating your bedroom, nail art inspiration or tips for making your kid's next fancy dress...

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